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Why is SEO imp for an ecommerce website?

E-Commerce SEO focusses on growing your website’s organic traffic. You don’t want to focus on pumping too much of money on paid adds rather focus on the long-term strategy.

Search Engines are the primary channels where potential customers can find the products they need.

The very first step is  to do your keyword research. Evaluate them based on certain criteria like relevancy and popularity. Keywords should be relevant to your product. Your keywords should not be overly vague or narrowly specific. Your keywords should have a decently high amount of search volume. Popularity of the keywords amongst the consumers acts as a double edged sowed. You can go for keywords which have low competition and decently high search volumes. SEM Rush and ahrefs are the tools which you can use to find the difficulty levels of your keywords.

Your keywords should reflect your intent which is to sell your product. This will have higher conversion value.  Your keywords should fall in better alignment with your product in the long term.

The internal design and link building structure of your website is another aspect to consider.  A well-planned site architecture is super important. It maximizes the visibility of your existing content. It is easy to expand as you add a new product. The aim should be to focus on the user experience and well-organised layout. Base the story and product based on keywords. Try to have as few clicks as possibly needed to get you from your home page to a product page.

Internal linking

A strong web of links around your keywords with in your website will lead to better SEO success. Once this is to create a comprehensive site map which is used for keeping your personal track record of the website and also to submit to google. Google would know how to crawl your website.

OnPage SEO will also improve your ranking. Using modifiers improves your visibility on google and allows users to click through when you come up on their search results.

Add keywords on strategic locations like headers and sub headers, product descriptions, in the names of the image files, by adding the names and the alt tags of every single image of your website. Adding keywords in the title, description and meta description is a must. Add them in URLs also.

It is important to add “structured data markups” in your website. This shows information on Google page. People have added structured data markups so Google can give information like the brand, description, cost, name, image, identifier and reviews of the products which can help you to surged up on google.

It is good to stay current. 62% of sales are through the smart phone users so mobile optimization is another thing to look at.  80% shoppers use their mobile phones when they are in store to do comparison shopping.

Mobile Tips

Your website should be mobile responsive. A desktop only website creates a bunch of duplicate pages when run on mobile which google does not like. Keep the mobile site easy to scroll through and uncluttered.

Use social media, add social buttons so that people can share your products. But which social media platform will suit best for you will depend too much on your demographics as well.

Buying factor also depends on how long does a page take to load.

CSS, JavaScript, html

You can use Google page speed insights to monitor your page load speeds. You can use it to minify CSS, HTML and java scripts.

Compress the files and images used on your website. This also contributes to your page speed performance. To reduce any redirection you have, maximize browser caching, enable file and image compression, the image should be of the same size as of the container it is on.

Improving server response time, using content distribution network and speeding up the page loads is necessary.

Test and Tweak 
Updating and tweaking your old content by adding a few more points and new images can also work wonders for you. There are tools to find less obvious site errors like duplicate page, missing header tags, script errors etc. which may not be obvious by looking at the page.

Implement an analytics software which can help you measure the results of your optimization efforts. Optimize for customers internal search of your products. It should be easy for them to find products on your site when they land.


Do’s and Don’ts of brochure design

Do’s and Don’ts of brochure design

Brochure Design is an important part of advertising your business. A brochure is a complete introduction of your business and you want people to read it. Therefore, it should be designed in properly. Few of the do’s and don’t in the process of brochure design are as below.  Follow these do’s and don’ts  in the process of brochure design and make a difference.

Types of Brochures

The very first step in designing a brochure is to understand what kind of brochure you want to have. One type could be a “product brochure” which will be like a catalogue and would display all the products you are selling.

The other type could be a “how to brochure” which will contain all the tips and information on how customers can use your products or services. This could be like a buyer’s guide brochure. Another very popular type of brochure is a “gift idea brochure” which mostly the retail business uses. We can give gifts on birthdays, anniversary, wedding, Christmas or New Year, etc.

Clear Purpose

The purpose of having a brochure should be very clear so you can accomplish what you want to. The purpose of a brochure is to drive people to act. You should be clear if you want them to call you, email you, buy a product or provide credit card details, or they should go to your website to sign up etc. or it is only for educational and informative purposes.

So, deciding the purpose of your brochure in the very beginning is of utmost importance because it will base the design and having it clear will save a lot of time in the long run. It will be easy to come up with the design if the purpose is clear.

Remember Your Brand

Always remember your brand. Remember to tell your story. Your logo should be available on every page of the brochure. Many small businesses use the brochures they get from the marketing agencies or from the manufacturers. Your competition will also have the same brochure. It does not separate you from them and does not communicate your story and not make you different from them.

Balance the text and visual

It is very important to have a balance of the written words and the visual content in your brochure. The photography, images, arts, graphics are important factors in a brochure design. They say, 
A picture speaks a thousand words”. People like pictures and if the pictures in your brochure can tell your story, your job is done.

Avoid Industry Jargon

Avoid industry jargon completely. You do not have to sound educated and smart but simple and easy. Do not go overboard with industry jargon.

Use Headlines

Using headlines grabs attention.  People want to know “WIIFM–What’s in it for me?” Give the benefits of your products and services in the headlines. Read it in the customer’s perspective before you complete for printing.

Attract Attention

Get them interested in what you have within your brochure. If you are targeting a specific problem, the customers face and you are providing some solution in your brochure, you will naturally attract attention.

Spend some money

It is understandable that you want to save money. But saving on a brochure is a bad idea. There are many printing services who charge nominal free for a good quality print.

Professions designers will have certain skills, so it’s worth the money. You do not want your brochures to be sitting in the backyard with two inches of dust on them. So, get a professionally designed brochure for yourself.


A professionally designed brochure has:

  • As less text as possible.
  • The readability is excellent.
  • It will have matching fonts.
  • All elements are properly aligned.
  • A perfect contrast to the eyes.
  • A proper font combination, in perfect harmony with the environment and the purpose it is for.

Dealing with Colours

Colour is a huge deal in design. It makes a lot of difference to gain trust of the customers and build a report. Having a lot of colour is not a good idea, but it is important to use colours which aid and improve the readability so that people would want to read, and we can also send our message across them. It should grab the attention of the users and should have right contrast. A contrast that strains the eyes of the readers is something not welcoming.

Have Free Space

There should be a nice balance of negative space. There is no need of having objects filling every space in your design. Having free space is a great thing in design as it unclutters the design and makes it structured.

The best example is Google’s home page which comprises only one element that is the search bar which is what we use it for.


Scaling gives emphasis on certain important text. It is necessary to scale elements properly. Elements should be in different sizes so it grabs attention of the users.

Improve Readability

Inadequate space between lines makes it hard to read. Having purposeful line breaks are important for readability.

Clean Design

Use vector shapes and texts to keep your design clean. Never loose resolution. Striving for complete symmetry is unnecessary every time. Creating balance is important and if you can achieve it with little symmetry, it’s okay.

Don’t Overdo

We should not overdo content with too many objects and emphasis. It should get the message across and everything should just fit with a proper amount of white space, use of colour and fonts to balance the rest of the design.

Cohesiveness in design is the key. It should balance colour orientation and use of fonts. Once you follow the above do’s and don’t of brochure design you will see the impact.

We must do our job right. We want to make you look good and save your time and money. Our growth is in your growth.


5 ways to make your site SEO optimised and rank one in Google search results in 2019.

Putting the keywords on your website is not the only thing that you should be doing in 2019 for making out website SEO optimized. This used to be enough few years ago but now this is not the case.

Below are the five different and very important ways which should be followed for each and every website to rank number one in their own niche.

Focus on Content

The very first and the most important thing we should consider to make websites rank first on google search results is to “Focus On Content”. If you are writing on “5 ways you can land in your dream job”, you should include everything starting from the steps to create your profile in different job search sites like Seek, Jora, Indeed etc. till how you can clear your interviews. Talk about how the ideal picture looks like. Provide the steps and things to consider for a perfect resume and different ways to market yourself and crack interviews.

You should really go in depth and break down every little thing that can be done in a job search process.  The content should be super amazing. People should be clear on what next, they should do.  Creating thorough content will pull your site up in the google search results within a short span of time.

Optimize your title tag and your meta description

This is one of the easiest steps that can be done to improve the ranking of your website. Google search gives the link and the description in the search results. The link we see is the “Title Tag” and the description that comes along with the link is the “Meta Description”. This helps users to understand what your site is about.  If you are searching for “Online Jobs” there is a very low probability of you clicking on “Online Dating” that comes in the search results of google. Having a relevant and meaningful title and meta description increases the changes your website to be clicked. Including the keywords in the title and meta description is a good idea. Make sure your titles and descriptions are appealing and evokes curiosity. People will click on your link if it incites them to know more about what you have to say.

Google keeps track of the clicks and the impressions. Click is something when users click on your site. Impressions are counted when your site appears in the search results when a user searched for a specific keyword but does not click on it.

Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google itself to help you to rank number one on google. It is a tool where you can “Sign Up” for free. Register your website there and give it a few days as it takes some time to populate data. It tells you about your clicks and impressions. Which articles are getting impressions, and which are clicked using which keywords. This can help you to modify and update your content by using the same keywords which appears in your impressions. Make sure your content flows naturally and still remain meaningful and educational.

There are chances that you might get clicks on different keywords which are not there in your site. Google is intelligent enough to show your site in relevant searches results by tracking the patterns of the searched. It is a good idea to modify your content accordingly.

Having a click through rate (CTR) of 5% is very good. You might also get a CTR of 10% or 15% in one to three months. Change your content as per the keywords.

User Experience

Pleasing user experience is another very important factor to consider. It is a great think to focus on as google values user experience. This is one of your motives as well as what you are also focusing on is to help people by proving them valuable and meaningful content.

You can improve user experience by doing SEO. Technical SEO has a major role to play. It helps to resolve high impact technical issues and low impact technical issues.

The very first action that needs to be taken is to increase your website loading speed. The most painful experience you can have online is when a website takes more time to load. It not only hurts your online traffic but also your business. A one sec delay can reduce the traffic by seven percent and an increased website loading speed can have opposite effect. A 2.2secs increase in the site speed increased the downloads by 15%. for firefox which was huge.

User experience should be seamless, and it should be easy and intuitive for them to navigate through your website. If they like it they will keep coming to you.

Responsive Website

Make Sure your website is Mobile Friendly. Majority of all traffic is going to be coming from mobile. Having a responsive website theme is a safe actions to take. Responsive and mobile friendliness are smart insights that should be taken. It has been found that the mobile digital media time is 51% higher than ever in the current era and hence it is an obvious way to reach more users.

To check if your website is currently mobile friend do a “Mobile friendly test” using a tool that google provides. Hire a freelancer than a web designing company. Do it yourself. Making a website mobile also depends on your CMS as well. Use a responsive theme. Load fast, mobile friendly.



How can you make your eCommerce business wildly successful?

All e-commerce business owners want to “drive more sales” to their e-commerce retail store. There are multiple ways to do this. I list the few of those as below:

Have firm believe in your product. Most business owners do not use the product they are selling. They keep promoting a product without having a personal connection just because it is being sold by other business owners and there is a market for it. It is always a good practice to use the product you are selling by yourself. This makes you feel a personal connection with the thing you are selling. You cannot recommend others something if you have not used it by yourself.

Make sure there is a demand for the product you sell. You do not want to sell something which people do not want to use. Identify the product you want to promote. Your idea should be to target a solution to a problem people have. It is better to first create a video for your product and check what the feedback is. Are people liking your product?. Get the market feedback before marketing the product. If no one wants it, there is no point in selling that product.

Once you have a product which you believe in as you have used it and have also analysed its demand, the next step is to “Get Distribution”. One of the best ways to get the distribution list is to collaborate. Find people who are already selling a similar or same product and collaborate with them. If they can talk positive about your product on their platform, they can influence their market to get your mass distribution and this way you can hit thousands of people in one shot.

Having beautiful pictures is another way of attracting customers to your site. Product picture should be beautifully stunning. A good product picture will sell on its own and contributes a lot in purchase decisions. A beautifully looking picture makes a huge difference. Get someone who can do it for you or consider it as another skill you would want to develop in yourself. You need a product picture and make sure it’s a beautiful one.

Writing a detailed description is another very important aspect of selling. Just one paragraph or a few lines about the product is just not enough. You must tell a complete story around your experience with the product so that people can relate with it. You must tell your personal experience that how you love that product. Sharing all the benefits, side effects, cost, manufacturing and expiry dates if applicable, usability and reader’s perspective is a good way to gain the trust of the customers. So, pick products you really care about.

It is impractical to expect someone to buy products on the first visit to your site. Better is to take that one extra step of providing them some bonus so you can put them on your email list. It is a good way to follow up with them. You can have them come to your website over again. Once people get some extra value from your website, you can set them on your email campaign and later start including other products you want to sell. In this way they are more likely to get converted.

Another aspect is to look at the technical values of your website for example, having a fast load time, shopping cart optimization, reducing the number of steps to buy the products, having a payment gateway so that people do not have to leave your website for payment are the few of the important aspects to consider.

Find products categories which are not present in physical stores or are less common and are easy to send through mail. Hire people or freelancers who can help you do that. Search for products with high demand and which are easy to source and ship. These less known, strange or unexpected products can help you build your business and a better life.

 Jeff Bezos once said, “We don’t make money when we sell things, we make money when we help the customer make purchase decisions.”  This is a deep-rooted core value at Amazon which contributes to a huge amount of their success. It is important to keep an eye on competitions, but your focus should be customers. While selecting products, getting, manufacturers, creating a product listing or seeking reviews ask yourself, have you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, are you offering them something that they would want to purchase?

Finally, having an eCommerce business is a challenge in such a competitive digital world. Small businesses owners get disheartened when they cannot sell. In such a situation, there should be no exit strategy when you are in an eCommerce business. Build something for the long term. Having a long-term thinking helps you to stick to it as selling online takes a lot of perseverance and consistent efforts. There could be setbacks with the supplier or the product might not work as expected.  But, you don’t have to kill your dreams of building your own business.

The challenges you face now help you prepare yourself for future. Breaking through the early challenges can be hard but don’t let this take your eye off the long-term vision. Challenges help you develop the skill set to handle the complex situations and prepare you for the reward you get.

Apply the above to your online business or an eCommerce website and share your experience with us. We are interested in knowing if you are doing well.

Also, share any other ways which you would have used to make your business grow.


Why is a strong online presence important for your business ?


Digital world has permeated in every aspect of life. It has transformed how we spend our time and money. It has also changed the way we communicate and entertain ourselves and how we seek and receive information.

In the current era, we seek and receive information using search engines and websites instead of yellow pages directories. TV and offline media like magazines are the past. Email, blogs and social network are the current methods to communicate with more people than ever before.

Digitization has made the most significant transformation of all times. We have moved from offline to online. The way we gain, manage and keep our customers these days is 100% digital. It is utmost important to have our online reputation.

Your Offering

Consumers want to see what you offer before they contact you. So, having a website or a web presence is very important for a business as it helps the customers to look at all your offerings in one place.

Customers are expanding their social networks online more than ever before. This generates a lot of business online.  People try to save time by looking at products and services online and your services should be available for customers to view.

Make sure you put forward the right message at the right time. It should be very clear what you do where you are doing and why they should choose you.

Have a complete list of all your products and services on your website along with the right set of images relevant to customer and help to connect with them.

Is your website mobile friend?

Make sure your website is responsive and works seamlessly on mobiles. Having a load time of 3 to 5 seconds is bad. This should be anything less than 2 seconds.  This is because over one third of your customers are mobile users. If you cannot reach them, you are missing on any prospective leads you might generate.

1/3 of smart phone users search for “hours of operation” for local businesses. Make sure you stand out and make yourself known to them.

Are you listed digitally?

Your business should be visible to others when users search for the services you offer. There are high chances that they might not convert but they will remember you if they see your details and will get back to you later when in need.

Having a website provides you with ample opportunities to be found on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It helps you to generate low cost leads. Customers can link to your website and build trust with you.

Customers have more choices than ever before. They search on internet for everything they want. How do you even get noticed without your web presence if not stand out? The easiest way is through internet where you find all your competitors and you are still struggling to get a website.

Be Social and Spread Awareness

Customers should know how to get in touch with you. If they cannot find you, they will choose someone else who will be your competitor. So, it is important to have correct information on your website to capitalise on your business.

People shop on multiple platforms. Be ready to post on such social media platforms to spread awareness and boost your post by connecting in real time with your followers.

As you post about your business on FB, twitter, more people will see that, this will help in increasing awareness of your business. People will remember you with your name and your post.

Do not complain

People running small businesses complain that they have little time to keep up with posts on social media. Just imagine the number of times people look for social media sites to see what is happening there. This is one of the best opportunities to get in touch with your prospective customer and you do not want to miss on this.

Give yourself a better opportunity in social media. Come up with the time to do that. Over 40 percent of businesses give up on this because of not having enough time another 37percent because of not having enough knowledge.

Monitoring Reviews

A business should have lots of videos and reviews. People purchase many things based on the review. Great reviews make the buying decision way easier for the customers. Customers often judge the products based on the reviews provided by other customers. They develop trust with you based on the experience they get while on your website.

It is an important factor to respond to reviews of different products you sell. Check out your digital listing along with your reviews. This proves you are trustworthy and be ready for the fair feedbacks and to improve on those.


Top 7 tips to design a website

Use a great colour combination

Your website should look great. It is advisable to use a great color combination. Even if you are not a designer or color savvy, there are tools which help you do this. “Paletton.com” is one such tool. You can pick base colors and choose different color schemes. It provides distance adjustment to choose different colors. Use the hexadecimal format to find your color schemes.

Use great looking images

A picture speaks a thousand words. There are different ways to get great pictures for your websites. Having custom images relevant for you and your business is the best way out.  There are great resources both paid and unpaid to get specific pictures which can fulfil your needs. Below are the links of few paid and free resources to find pictures for your websites or blogs.

Free resources for great images:

  1.   https://unsplash.com/
  2.   https://pixabay.com

Paid resources for images for your website:

  1. https://www.istockphoto.com/
  2. http://www.shutterstock.com

Check out the rules before using these images. Few pictures might have recognizable faces and such images might have some restrictions on them. Image of the recognizable piece of design like company logos of iPhone or mac photo for example might have special restrictions. But still these are great resources for images.

Space Management and Legibility

Content is still the king and will remain forever. Written words will never die. Once they are on the screen, they are alive. Poor readability defeats the whole purpose of the having the website.

Adding a little bit of extra space especially for text heading and body makes it more readable. Try to make content in points and add short paragraphs. Adding spacing between the paragraphs helps the viewers to scan quickly through the content. Adding additional space between the lines is a good technique.

Bad contrast is another thing to repel your audience. Having a dark background with dark text and a light background with a light text makes the typography too hard on eyes.
This forces the users to leave the page and look for content which is pleasing on their eyes and easy to skim. Almost all the readers leave too much cluttered content and move to other sources of information.

Being Decisive

Using sliders is not good for SEO. This is because people do not wait for your slider to move. They are proactive and start scanning down your page and keep looking
for what they want.

So, it defeats the whole purpose of having a slider. It is a good practice to let your viewers scan down the page and let them decide what they want to look for.  It is better to prioritise the content so they see the most important one first. Having sliders reduces the website interactions to a large extent.

Best is to test with different patterns of your site and see which variation attracts more audience for your website or business.

Remember your mobile viewers

Make sure that your website looks great on mobile.  There are high chances to forget the tablet and mobile audience in designing the website for desktop users. Tweaking your website design so it looks good on mobile devices attracts a huge audience. Use mobile page builders which can help you build pages specifically for mobile devices.


Content Management

Align and format the typography of your page to make it easy for the users to absorb the content. Use more lists and images in the content’s body to make it easy for consumers to take in.

Unorganized content layout design which is not presentable, or content which is not proper is the last thing you would want. If there are any usability issues, you must fix it.

People skim and not read your content. Add more emphasis on certain words and phrases would help them skim faster.

Navigation needs to be clear. Most websites form a certain navigation pattern because user are used to it. They are consistent and easy for the person to search for content they are looking for.

Decide font combinations before you start. Use the default settings of the theme to set it once and it takes care for your whole website and for all the pages.

If people like your writing style they will keep coming back to you for what you offer.


Animations and its use

Having too many fancy animations is bad for a website. It is better to use them sparingly. Every website type has its own character and variation which should be same for each type.

Use animations in context of your project. Use them consistently and safely.

Keep navigation in context of your website. Bigger the company the more is the number of users and follows more problems if you stick without experimenting what suits for your business model. It is better to be a little more traditional in this approach instead and do it in the right way.

Designs should be consistent throughout your website. Do not make it intentionally inconsistent because you want to stand out and find a place to break the model. Navigation should resemble on every page and aligned to your own website design