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August 8, 2019

Why is a strong online presence important for your business ?

by admin in WEB DESIGN


Digital world has permeated in every aspect of life. It has transformed how we spend our time and money. It has also changed the way we communicate and entertain ourselves and how we seek and receive information.

In the current era, we seek and receive information using search engines and websites instead of yellow pages directories. TV and offline media like magazines are the past. Email, blogs and social network are the current methods to communicate with more people than ever before.

Digitization has made the most significant transformation of all times. We have moved from offline to online. The way we gain, manage and keep our customers these days is 100% digital. It is utmost important to have our online reputation.

Your Offering

Consumers want to see what you offer before they contact you. So, having a website or a web presence is very important for a business as it helps the customers to look at all your offerings in one place.

Customers are expanding their social networks online more than ever before. This generates a lot of business online.  People try to save time by looking at products and services online and your services should be available for customers to view.

Make sure you put forward the right message at the right time. It should be very clear what you do where you are doing and why they should choose you.

Have a complete list of all your products and services on your website along with the right set of images relevant to customer and help to connect with them.

Is your website mobile friend?

Make sure your website is responsive and works seamlessly on mobiles. Having a load time of 3 to 5 seconds is bad. This should be anything less than 2 seconds.  This is because over one third of your customers are mobile users. If you cannot reach them, you are missing on any prospective leads you might generate.

1/3 of smart phone users search for “hours of operation” for local businesses. Make sure you stand out and make yourself known to them.

Are you listed digitally?

Your business should be visible to others when users search for the services you offer. There are high chances that they might not convert but they will remember you if they see your details and will get back to you later when in need.

Having a website provides you with ample opportunities to be found on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It helps you to generate low cost leads. Customers can link to your website and build trust with you.

Customers have more choices than ever before. They search on internet for everything they want. How do you even get noticed without your web presence if not stand out? The easiest way is through internet where you find all your competitors and you are still struggling to get a website.

Be Social and Spread Awareness

Customers should know how to get in touch with you. If they cannot find you, they will choose someone else who will be your competitor. So, it is important to have correct information on your website to capitalise on your business.

People shop on multiple platforms. Be ready to post on such social media platforms to spread awareness and boost your post by connecting in real time with your followers.

As you post about your business on FB, twitter, more people will see that, this will help in increasing awareness of your business. People will remember you with your name and your post.

Do not complain

People running small businesses complain that they have little time to keep up with posts on social media. Just imagine the number of times people look for social media sites to see what is happening there. This is one of the best opportunities to get in touch with your prospective customer and you do not want to miss on this.

Give yourself a better opportunity in social media. Come up with the time to do that. Over 40 percent of businesses give up on this because of not having enough time another 37percent because of not having enough knowledge.

Monitoring Reviews

A business should have lots of videos and reviews. People purchase many things based on the review. Great reviews make the buying decision way easier for the customers. Customers often judge the products based on the reviews provided by other customers. They develop trust with you based on the experience they get while on your website.

It is an important factor to respond to reviews of different products you sell. Check out your digital listing along with your reviews. This proves you are trustworthy and be ready for the fair feedbacks and to improve on those.

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