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August 10, 2019

5 ways to make your site SEO optimised and rank one in Google search results in 2019.

by admin in WEB DESIGN

Putting the keywords on your website is not the only thing that you should be doing in 2019 for making out website SEO optimized. This used to be enough few years ago but now this is not the case.

Below are the five different and very important ways which should be followed for each and every website to rank number one in their own niche.

Focus on Content

The very first and the most important thing we should consider to make websites rank first on google search results is to “Focus On Content”. If you are writing on “5 ways you can land in your dream job”, you should include everything starting from the steps to create your profile in different job search sites like Seek, Jora, Indeed etc. till how you can clear your interviews. Talk about how the ideal picture looks like. Provide the steps and things to consider for a perfect resume and different ways to market yourself and crack interviews.

You should really go in depth and break down every little thing that can be done in a job search process.  The content should be super amazing. People should be clear on what next, they should do.  Creating thorough content will pull your site up in the google search results within a short span of time.

Optimize your title tag and your meta description

This is one of the easiest steps that can be done to improve the ranking of your website. Google search gives the link and the description in the search results. The link we see is the “Title Tag” and the description that comes along with the link is the “Meta Description”. This helps users to understand what your site is about.  If you are searching for “Online Jobs” there is a very low probability of you clicking on “Online Dating” that comes in the search results of google. Having a relevant and meaningful title and meta description increases the changes your website to be clicked. Including the keywords in the title and meta description is a good idea. Make sure your titles and descriptions are appealing and evokes curiosity. People will click on your link if it incites them to know more about what you have to say.

Google keeps track of the clicks and the impressions. Click is something when users click on your site. Impressions are counted when your site appears in the search results when a user searched for a specific keyword but does not click on it.

Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google itself to help you to rank number one on google. It is a tool where you can “Sign Up” for free. Register your website there and give it a few days as it takes some time to populate data. It tells you about your clicks and impressions. Which articles are getting impressions, and which are clicked using which keywords. This can help you to modify and update your content by using the same keywords which appears in your impressions. Make sure your content flows naturally and still remain meaningful and educational.

There are chances that you might get clicks on different keywords which are not there in your site. Google is intelligent enough to show your site in relevant searches results by tracking the patterns of the searched. It is a good idea to modify your content accordingly.

Having a click through rate (CTR) of 5% is very good. You might also get a CTR of 10% or 15% in one to three months. Change your content as per the keywords.

User Experience

Pleasing user experience is another very important factor to consider. It is a great think to focus on as google values user experience. This is one of your motives as well as what you are also focusing on is to help people by proving them valuable and meaningful content.

You can improve user experience by doing SEO. Technical SEO has a major role to play. It helps to resolve high impact technical issues and low impact technical issues.

The very first action that needs to be taken is to increase your website loading speed. The most painful experience you can have online is when a website takes more time to load. It not only hurts your online traffic but also your business. A one sec delay can reduce the traffic by seven percent and an increased website loading speed can have opposite effect. A 2.2secs increase in the site speed increased the downloads by 15%. for firefox which was huge.

User experience should be seamless, and it should be easy and intuitive for them to navigate through your website. If they like it they will keep coming to you.

Responsive Website

Make Sure your website is Mobile Friendly. Majority of all traffic is going to be coming from mobile. Having a responsive website theme is a safe actions to take. Responsive and mobile friendliness are smart insights that should be taken. It has been found that the mobile digital media time is 51% higher than ever in the current era and hence it is an obvious way to reach more users.

To check if your website is currently mobile friend do a “Mobile friendly test” using a tool that google provides. Hire a freelancer than a web designing company. Do it yourself. Making a website mobile also depends on your CMS as well. Use a responsive theme. Load fast, mobile friendly.


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